For a Healthy Lifestyle

Please visit us at our Pierre van Ryneveld branch in the Lifestyle Centre or our Wonderboom South branch on the corner of Naudé and Steve Biko.

Sediment Filter

This filter removes large particles from the water that are visible to the human eye. These particles can include mud, rust, dirt or any other
large particles that my be present in the water.

Granular Activated Carbon

This filter will remove any chlorine or organic molecules (which cause bad tastes and or smells) that may be present in the water.

Carbon Block

This filter is a clock of carbon and will remove any chlorine or organic molecules that may have got passed the second filter. However it also has a
5 micron filter which is there to catch any carbon that may have broken off during the second and third stages.

UV Treatment

The UV Treatment is what removes the particulars that are not visible to the human eye such as pesticides, bacteria, viruses, parasites and metal.
The untraviolet treatment sanities the water before the bottles are filled with the purified water.